High quality welding machine.

ACCU-RITE has the equipment and personnel to suit all your welded product requirements. Our equipment list consists of Mid Frequency Direct Current(MFDC), Resistance spot welders, a bank of robotic welding cells, and countless welding units with all the complimentary equipment. This dedication ensures our assembled product is efficiently produced and has a solid build quality.

Welding Equipment

(1)-2002 WPI Taylor-Winfield 175 KVA spot welder with chiller

(2)-2001 Miller 250 Amp Mig welder

(1)-1996 Western Actronics resistance welder

(1)-1992 Millermatic 250 Amp Mig welder

(2)-1992 Syncrowave 351 (250) Amp Tig welder

(2)-1985 Miller 250Amp Mig welder

(1)-2004 Almega EX-V6 Arc welding robot w/500 Amp Mig welder

(1)-2010 Nachi Rober 75KVa resistance robot welder

(1)-2014 Millermatic 252 Mig Welder